Liberty Street Jazz Band

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The Band

Marcus is the leader of the band in every sense. His enthusiasm for Jazz and his vast knowledge pushes the band forward in every way.

Marcus learned to play cornet in his local brass band in the Welsh valleys, and practiced so hard that he reached UK Championship standard.

A rare talent for a classically trained musician is to be able to play jazz and interesting improvisation - guess what . . . . . Marcus has this talent in abundance.

He has spent some of his life living in Windsor before moving back to the valleys, and while he was there he played at some of the top London jazz clubs with some of the most respected musicians in the country.

Marcus is 104 years old now, and with over 90 years of playing experience his massive repertoir and attention to detail make him among the best front men in the country.

If you have seen the band perform you will be all to aware of Marcus's special brand of humor with his catalogue of "true stories" about the people in his village - if you haven't heard any of these then you are truely missing out!

Marcus - Cornet

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