Liberty Street Jazz Band

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The Band

John was captured by jazz in his early teens listening to Jelly Roll Morton. The he found an ancient Albert clarinet in the loft of grandmotherís house and his playing began.

Self taught and playing to his ever growing collection of jazz records, John played with jazz bands whilst at Durham University.

Then for the next 25 years he worked as an entomologist in Africa and the Cayman islands where he found little outlet in the mosquito swamps and deserts for playing. He nevertheless found a few bands in the Caymans where he was able to play from time to time.

On his return to Wales he quickly became established as an excellent musician and joined the Liberty Street Jazz Band as well as depping and guesting with other South Wales bands.

John - Clarinet - Liberty Street Jazz Band
Rod - Clarinet - Liberty Street Jazz Band

Rod was our founding clarinet player, and we would like to thank him for his contribution to the band. Rod finished with the band when he 'emigrated' to North Wales and we have sadly lost touch with him.

Hopefully Rod won't mind us showing our appreciation by featuring him here.

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